EU Literature Festival 2021

Writers and translators from around Europe will participate in readings, lectures, dialogues, and panel discussions with Japanese intellectuals. This year’s festival, the fifth of its kind, will introduce notable European writers and their works through a variety of events. Mr. Toon Tellegen from the Netherlands will also participate in the festival. Saki Nagayama, the translator of “The Hedgehog’s Wish,” “The Perturbed Squirrel,” “The Grasshopper’s Happiness,” and “The Story I Heard from My Grandfather,” published by Shinchosha, will also give a talk with Mr. Toon. The talk event will include an interview about The Grasshopper’s Happiness, and an introduction to Tellegen’s poetry, which is still unknown in Japan.

Following last year’s event, this year’s event will be held through online streaming.

They are also updating the limited-time release of works by European authors (short stories or excerpts from full-length stories), which was announced last year, with a new lineup. Most of them will be introduced in Japan for the first time.

Information on Talk Events by Dutch Representatives

Monday, 22 November, online streaming, 20:00-21:15 Dutch, Japanese (interpretation available)